Beach Wagon Lite

Beach Wagon Lite


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BEACHWAGON Lite benefits

  • Sturdy, good-looking, well-designed walking wagon.
  • Folds easily to a lightweight, flat package.
  • Convenient to take with you in the car and on the plane.
  • Child-friendly.
  • Tub fabric easily changeable and in a wide range of colours.
  • Tub has a soft, warm feel.
  • Personalize with your own printed or embroidered logo or text.
  • No flat tyres, ever.
  • Excellent price-quality ratio.

The BEACHWAGON Lite in brief

Lightweight and easy to fold

The BEACHWAGON Lite is a lightweight walking wagon, designed to be fast and easy to fold. Ideal for the city, the beach and a walk in the woods, the campsite or festival, on sand or on snow. Where an ordinary stroller stops, the BEACHWAGON Lite just carries on! Or you can use the BEACHWAGON Lite and your stroller together.

Folds flat, a choice of bright colours and lots of luggage space

A real pack-mule-on-wheels that folds flat, weighs little, and is attractively designed in bright colours. And if you want a different colour, the fabric is easy to replace. Ideal to take in your car, on a shopping trip, or even in the plane when you go on holiday. A robust metal construction to carry lots of luggage in the beach cart. No problem finding space to store at home. Can be hung on ordinary wall hooks.

Child-friendly and easy to use

The walking wagon has child-friendly soft materials and safe rounded edges. Not to mention its superb stability with large, quick-release, leak-free wheels. Pulls and manoeuvres effortlessly. In brief, a wagon designed around ease of use.